I’ve been feeling the boho vibe recently and even letting my hair dry natural. What?! In that same spirit, I’ve made these macramé pumpkins and have the full DIY tutorial here for you! Later this week I’ll be sharing how we decorated out home and made it creepy on a budget. But for now here’s how I made these hanging pumpkins!
MACRAME PUMPKINS halloween canary jane

I’ve seen people make macramé planters, why not do it with pumpkins? Here are some ways to use this craft and customize it to your own decorating style:
  • paint with spray paint and even glitter
  • carve, so the pumpkin hangs as a lantern
  • use gourds instead of pumpkins
  • hollow out the pumpkin and place a hanging plant inside that will spill over the sides
  • add beads to the knots in the pumpkins
Alight, here’s how to do it and what you will need.
  1. Small Pumpkin – any color will do
  2. Thick twine or 1lb jute cord
  3. Scissors
  4. Hot Glue (optional)


MACRAME PUMPKINS halloween canary jane
Cut six rope pieces 40 inches long for small-medium sized pumpkin. Tie them in knot with six inches on one end.STEP 2

Next divide the rope pieces into three groups of two. Tie a knot five inches above the first knot on each strand as shown.
MACRAME PUMPKINS halloween canary jane
Take the pieces from your separated groups and split them. Next tie a knot about five inches apart from the last knot with one piece from the original knot and another piece from the closest knot. Repeat for all sides so you are creating a web.
MACRAME PUMPKINS halloween canary jane
Grab your pumpkin and place it on the center of your original big knot. Your first two knots should be on the bottom of the pumpkin.
MACRAME PUMPKINS halloween canary jane
Wrap the rope up around the pumpkin and tightly tie the next rope, continuing the pattern from the last step. Use one piece from the group and one piece from the adjacent group and tie a knot. Repeat.
MACRAME PUMPKINS halloween canary jane
Continue to the top and keep the rope tight. Gather up the rope and tie a knot at the top and hang.
MACRAME PUMPKINS halloween canary jane
There yah have it! Simple, easy way to make Halloween décor without the cheesy ghosts or witches; and it’s super simple! 


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