Read through how to make your own ghost lawn décor using simple supplies. If the craft doesn’t cost much it’s like a bonus. So I was happy to be able to make these three ghost lawn decorations for under $10 using supplies from the dollar store and I already have I was thrilled and couldn’t be more excited to share with you. And the best part is it isn’t too hard to make em’ either.

We had so much fun decorating our yard we decided to all dress up including our DIY Moana and Wonder Woman costume. The boy’s costumes as a stormtrooper, Angry Bird, and Baymax are from Oriental Trading and they’ve loved them. Here’s how to make these DIY ghost lawn décor.

DIy lawn ghosts


diy lawn ghost


  1. Straighten the tomato cages if they were previously used or if bent in any way. Turn it upside down with the large hoop at the bottom.
  2. Take the plastic ball and packing tape and attach the plastic ball to the top of the tomato cage feet with the plastic tape. diy lawn ghost
  3. Tie the plastic bag around the ball to cover the color of the ball.
  4. (Optional Step) Tape the hangers upside down about a foot down the tomato cage with the ends sticking out for the ghost’s arms. diy lawn ghost
  5. Cover the whole structure with the white tablecloth with long sides folded front and back.
  6. Once the tablecloth is positioned secure the ends of the tomato cage using the packing tape.
  7. Draw a face with simple black dots for the eyes and mouth. 
  8. (Optional Step) If there’s a chance of wind you will want to stake down the ghosts.

And that’s it! Happy Halloween!! And if you liked this post be sure to check out these other festive posts at the bottom. Let me know if you have any questions. Peace, love, and chicken grease my friends.


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