For the last year I’ve have been writing for the local newspaper The Daily Herald. I’ve enjoyed writing editorial columns and about my community and tips for mothers. Both of these  topics are ones I feel passionately about so I have really enjoyed writing about them.
Recently I wrote about the competitive races and fun runs available in Utah. I also wrote about my experience of running The Dirty Dash! 
Jason and I were able to run the Dirty Dash thanks to Pyromaniacs Pizza! They are a wood-fire pizza food truck that caters and “dishes” out some delicious pizza! They sponsored both of us and we got to run. 
The run actually was a couple days from our anniversary so we considered it part of the celebration. I mean, come on, what couple isn’t bonded after running through mud trenches together. 

So here is a snippet of the column:

“Mud runs, glow runs, color runs, haunted runs. When we hear of a fun run these days it’s no surprise when it involves some of those untraditional elements. It seems that these fun runs are becoming more and more popular and the courses more creative with each year.

Recently, I was able to run the Dirty Dash Mud Run held in Heber City.
This race was probably one of, if not the most, fun races I have done so far in my years of running. While the race was outright hilarious, I will admit that I didn’t run as much as I would have in a traditional race. And most of the participants weren’t running either. It really isn’t feasible with straw barrels to climb, mud hills to scale, and giant pools of slop that make running practically impossible.
With this being said, a run like the Dirty Dash leads to lots of laughter and fun memorable moments that a traditional run, like a Ragnar or marathon, might not have.
So for those wanting to do a similar race in the future, I want to share some advice before signing up…”
 To read the full column and see upcoming race dates click here . And if you’re ever running in Utah let me know. We could run together or get muddy. Be sure to keep an eye out for my next column if you’re in Utah County. Happy Wednesday!