Hi friends!! This summer has been a busy one for most of us. Even later today, I leave for another vacay to Las Vegas. And then Seattle in a couple of weeks. But one of the highlights of this summer has been figuring out my new brand and adding prints to the shop. So far you have all loved the temple prints I have been drawing and I wanted to say “thank you!” I have been so excited that you love the temple prints because it allows me to be open about my religious beliefs and create art that I can feel passionate about.
I would like to share with you all how uplifting of an experience it is for me to be able to illustrate these temples! Each time I sit down and read about the temples I am drawing I feel peace. I often try to visualize what its like to go inside each of these temples and the feelings I have had while I am there. As I do this I feel guided in my illustrations.
I am so grateful to all of you who have purchased my art and supported it. It really means the world to me. I hope to illustrate all existing temples with a current goal of one temple a week. (It’s gonna take a while) So if you have any requests please leave it below in the comments.
I’m also really excited to be starting to design a few wedding and baptism cards. I hope to branch out and design a few other cards like mothers day, fathers day, sympathy, and more. To see the cards and my current LDS Temple Prints listings you can visit my Etsy shop here. If you don’t have Etsy you can email me at hello@canaryjane.com and I can send you an invoice.
Oh and I almost forgot my announcement. I was approached by a publisher and just signed a contract to illustrate a temple coloring book that will be available on Amazon!!! I know, temples? My husbands first thoughts were, “Temples are white”. Well, this will be an adult coloring book with lots of details and greenery. Basically, I’ll make it good! I am so excited for this project and can’t wait to share it with all of you.
Lastly, little plug for this ever so comfy and  chic skirt from Laurel Sherbet. I have loved wearing this skirt this summer. I feel like I am wearing my night gown but look trendy. That’s a win in my book. This skirt and all that Laurel Sherbet makes are reversible modest skirts. I wear them to chase my kids and when I draw. Basically I can wearing then doing anything so I highly recommend them. Thanks everyone for all your support! I hope your days are awesome!