If you’ve been following me on instagram you know I was just in Seattle for a couple of weddings. One of those was for my sister- in-law Kelly Ann. And it was so wonderful to spend that day with this lovely bride! So I’d like to share the bridal shower I was able to throw for her.
It brings me so much joy to be able to use my talents for others. She loves sunflowers so I decided to use loads of them and put together a shower I’m calling, “Love Grows”. On this post I’m sharing how to make these “Love” letters, food ideas, flower inspiration, guest gifts, and a game idea. First, here’s the table setup in a nutshell.
We threw the shower in my backyard and thankfully it was a beautiful summer day. And thankfully the shower was huge success with loads of people and tasty food prepared by my sister-in-law, Kimberly (scroll to the bottom to see her creations).
First I want to share how I did the flowers because they would not have been possible without the flowers from Bed of Roses. They donated the flowers pictured below as well as the gorgeous Amaranth that you see draped over the “LOVE” letters. Aren’t they lovely flowers. I cannot thank them enough for working with me and helping me choose these flowers. They researched and talked with me on the phone giving me the best service. They’re located in Lindon, UT and deliver to the local areas around there. I took their flowers and mixed them with sunflowers that grow wild on the side of the road here in Utah.
To make the flower arrangements on top of the letters I used the flowers and arranged them into three bouquets and one two sided bouquet. To order these flowers I used lisanthius, amaranth, billy balls, the wild sunflowers, and feverfew. the amaranth was the draping greenery you can see in the picture above and really made this arrangement so romantic!
Here’s the table set up and backdrop. I made the “LOVE” letters from cardboard, burlap, duck tape, and hot glue. I measured out the letters and used a ruler to make it symmetrical and then placed it downward on the burlap. I then glued the burlap to the front and cut the fabric as I wrapped it around the letter. I made sure to leave about 5 inches to wrap on the inside. Making these letters took me a couple of hours, honestly. If making your own letters seams too much work I’ve added a link to buy them online at the bottom of the post as well as a few other supplies.
To put this all together I placed nails in my fence and hung the letter and arrangements behind the serving table.
 Secondly my friend Tilly, who happens to own and run a whimsical party store called That Playhouse sent me the most adorable embellishments for the party. We hung these pom pom balls in the trees in clusters. And then she sent me some yellow gingham banners to hang which really completed the party adding the much needed overhead element to the party. Please take a look at this adorable shop as their décor are classic and simple but so lovely. I simply adore this shop.
My friend and sister-in-law Kimberly made the guest gifts. A party is never complete without good food, no matter how lovely it looks. So thanks to her. And look how cute she made it with sunflower themed treats and cupcakes! For the food we had a flower artichoke platter, popcorn, and sweet treats. We also had flavored lemonade.
We also brought some wood elements into the party with simple wood rounds which you can buy or even make. One fun super simple embellishment that I made was this wood round with the couples initials on it. I simple painted it on and it looked wood burned. So no need to get fancy. We also had a few chalk board elements and flowers placed in jars. WE added some corn kernels to the bottom to tie in the popcorn on the serving table.
For a party gift we gave each guest a sunflower start and had them sitting in a wheel barrow by the entrance. A note, the sunflowers take two weeks to sprout so plant them early before the shower.
We played a few games but a super fun one was “Getting ready for honeymoon” bridal shower game. For this game you gather up lots of clothing items that can layer and place them in a suitcase. Some that we did was scarves, tunics, loose dresses, stretchy skirts, hat, gloves, cardigans, large shoes, socks, and jewelry. The guests then guess how long it will take the bride-to-be to get dressed blindfolded! You time the bride and everyone watches and laughs as she tries to get dresses blindfolded.





Huge thank you again to my sister in law, Kimberly who made all the food and helped me setup. And congrats to you Kelly Ann.  If you have any questions on how I threw this party please comment below!
Oh, and here’s links to all the supplies I used to make this party all ready for you. Since I’ve already done the work let me share it with you.