Make these easy and fun sun catchers for catching that sunshine. The heated crayons make these glow in your window. The instructions are easy and really inexpensive which makes for a great mothers day or teacher gift. Enjoy.


– wax paper

– crayons

– gold paint

– paintbrush

– scissors

– string

– iron


1. Warm iron.

2. Remove crayon wrappers. Break crayons up on a safe surface using a hammer or can.

3. Let the kids make designs using the crayons on the wax paper.

4. Safely transport the wax paper to the ironing board and using another piece of wax paper on top melt the crayons in between the two pieces of wax paper. It helps to have cardbboard or something underneath the wax paper so the melted crayons do not drip onto your ironing board.

5. Cut out the melted wax paper in shapes and add a hole for the string.

6. Paint along the edges a light rim of gold.

7. String the string through the hole and hang!

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