Looking for a fun and simple Easter craft? Make these giant carrots for your table or decorate around the house. These are simple and super cheap. Plus they are a fun pop! Seriously, make these for under $1 each! Here is how to make them.



1. Trim the orange posterboard so as you roll it long ways in the middle the top will taper up. It also helps if you round the top of the carrot as well.

2. Tape the carrot with the clear packing tape.

3. Cut slits every few inches at the top for about 6 inches in.

4. Fold in all the slit sections together and tape.

5. Cut the green paper for the stems starting think and then tapering out with bumps as pictured.

6. Tape the Leaf to the top.

Some tips. If you round your carrot and the top does not line up as pictured below you can cut the top so it is flush. Also feel free to play with the shape before taping. And it helps if you cut a piece of tape and tape it to the seam before rolling if you are doing this solo. Otherwise it may be helpful to have someone help tape as the large paper likes to unroll.

Styling Ideas:

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