I’ve got a new fun series to announce! Every month we are going to honor and study an artist here at Canary Jane. We are going to share some awesome facts along with a lesson idea to teach your children about these amazing artists. And in honor of black history month the first artist of the month is Augusta Savage. She will be our artist for March.

For while now I have been thinking how I could include my children on my artist adventures. So I came up with this idea of having an artist of the month where I would teach my children about the artist and then create in their style. By doing this, I hope to expand my own art history knowledge and give exposure to my children.

So I rounded up the kids. We made homemade clay together as she was a sculptor. Then we sat at the table and learned a few facts about August Savage. We looked at some of her work and learned what a bust is. And then I turned them loose on the clay. For the sculpting I gave the kids Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and a table knife. Check out what we made.

Artist Lesson

Augusta Savage lived from February 1892 – March 1962. She was an american sculptor during the Harlem Renaissance. There were times she couldn’t pay for school but it didn’t hold her back. She worked hard to earn money to go to art school and earned lots of sponsorship’s and scholarships. She also was a pioneer of black women in art and won many awards. After learning at various schools including studying in France, she taught many nationally known artists in her studio in the US.

Art Activity

Sculpting with salt water dough clay. We looked at different types of sculptures from Augusta and then had fun making our own.

Salt Water Clay Dough Recipe

1 cup of salt

2 cups of flour

1 cup of water

Augusta Savage Free Printable

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