Summer is the best time of year for our children. They’re enjoying a well-earned break from school, the long sunny days and cool summer evenings, spending time with family, friends and just enjoying being kids! With the countdown to the summer break well and on, many of us will be looking forward to spending time in our gardens and outdoor spaces. But how can you make sure your garden is perfectly family friendly?

Your kid-friendly garden can be so much more than just grass and a few flower beds – for more interesting plants and trees to grow in your garden, check out this website – here we’ll look at ways you can really up your garden game and make it the heart of your best summer yet.

Just because your children are having a break from school, doesn’t mean that their learning journey has to stop for six weeks. You can give your child’s schooling a little bit of a boost in a number of fun, easy ways. Read on for ideas on how to make a kid-friendly garden. 

How to Make a Kid-Friendly Garden

  • Bug hunts and hotels: Why not pick up a few mini magnifying glasses and go on the hunt for insects and minibeasts? Don’t forget to check underneath all the rocks and plant pots in your garden too! Why not spend an afternoon building a bug hotel, and researching the guests who might decide to come and stay?
  • Veggies & fruit: Guiding your kids to grow their own fruit and veg is the perfect summer project. Something they can really get their teeth into! It shows them not only how plants grow, and the importance of care to living things, but also sustainability, where fruit and vegetables come from, and the value of patience!
  • Mud Kitchen: Hours spent in the garden is always worthwhile. And time spent playing with siblings is even better, so why not give them a few more hours of play and an imagination boost? If you’ve got some old kitchen utensils, bowls and plates that are sitting in a cupboard then why not put them to good use in a mud kitchen
  • Mini World: You could even build your own miniature world, all you’ll need is a large plant pot, fill it with soil, top it off with a few stones and gravel and they can decorate it however they wish. A fairy garden? Or a dinosaur land? This way when you’re gardening they can have their own land to play in. The choice is theirs!
  • Play Equipment: There’s a huge range of play equipment out there, but it’s usually very plastic, very bright and doesn’t last long. If you feel your children would benefit from some play equipment then most homeowners recommended a hard wearing hardwood alternative. Natural timber options can seem a little expensive, but they’re built to last. However, bare in mind that most children’s attention can be held for just as long with a swing set! Build the play equipment into the side of your garden so they can play their too
  • Get the Kids Involved: Create a mini gardening station with the kids that includes their own gardening tools, small gloves, a bucket, etc. Let the kids get in the dirt and work with you.
  • Let the Kids Help Plan: When you are planting the garden, let the kids be involved in the planting process. This can teach them helpful skills for gardening such as what plants do well with others and how to start a garden in the first place.

Gardens can be magical places that inspire. cultivate imagination and teach about life. If you have any tips for kid-friendly gardening or if you try any of these comments below. Happy kid friendly Gardening friends.

kid friendly gardneing

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