In a few days there will be a lunar eclipse in the United State and our family is excited! These don’t happen too often. So we’ve wanted to take advantage of this rare sighting with our family. To get ready I’ve put together a fun free handouts, activities and treat ideas for the kids that are great for the whole family. Scroll to get this free printable, resources to teach kids, and info about how to view the eclipseEclipse Activities

eclipse free printable handout

Eclipse Treats

  • Solar  Cookies
  • Lemon Cookies
  • Lemonheads
  • Oreos with cream to show different phases of the eclipse (shown below)
    • Supplies: – Oreos & – melon baller or small lid to cut the holes
    • Directions: Carefully take apart each Oreo. Use the melon baller to firmly press into the cream of each cookie imitating the phases of the eclipse. Be careful as you life the melon baller as the cream tends to stick to the metal and may tear the remaining cream. If you have older children you could let them try to create a phase of the moon which can be a fun learning experience.

solar eclipse cookies

Other Space Fun


  • Youtube Video for kids to watch 
  • Solar Eclipse Infographic
  • Galaxy Slime
  • Eclipse Shirts (click below)
  • Something else to know is that the eclipse should last a while as it goes through it’s different phases you will need eclipse sunglasses to protect your eyes. It is until totality where the moon is completely blocking out the sun that you do not need the glasses. But leading up to the eclipse you will need them to watch the different phases of the eclipse because the sun will still be shining through and can damage your eyes.

    If you don’t know when or where to watch the eclipse you can check this website. As long as you are in North America you should be able to see the eclipse on August 21st. The eclipse is in the morning. I hope these ideas make the eclipse are really fun one. Have fun viewing with your family.

solar eclipse cookies

solar eclipse cookies

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