With the Pokémon craze back in full swing I couldn’t help but create a life-sized Pokémon Go game for my son, Tysons, ninth birthday. The party was complete with pokestops, pokeballs, and of course… Pokémon!In case your child loves just plain old Pokémon I’ve shared some ideas I rounded up online for cakes, décor, and games. Basically if you want a Pokémon or Pokémon Go Party I’ve got you covered.


INVITESFor the invites I created this free printable you are welcome to use. If you would like to see more of my free printables and invites click here.

Lets Print a Party
Catch My Party
Cutesty Craft
For the party I decided I would make life sized poke
stops and poke balls.
The poke balls are made from circular or round vending machine balls which you can find here. I chose these because they open!
 To make the pokeballs simply undo half of the vending machine capsules. My kids were good helped for this. Then lay the half you want to spray paint red or white down with the round side facing up. If you’d like to add a fun touch you can take washitape or electrical tape and wrap it around the middle of the balls.
can’t have real poke balls and not have Pokémon so I ordered miniature Pokémon.
I found these on Ebay and they were perfect because they fit in the vending machine balls.
I need to give a shout out to Consumer Crafts who helped make this party happen with their wide arrange of party supplies.
For the party I created these large hanging poke balls from white
lanterns, paper, and spray paint. To make these lanterns purchase the lanterns. Next spray paint the tops of the lantern flat down for this look. If you
would like a more solid color you could spray paint the lanterns fully opened.
Next measure around the lantern at the biggest strip. Cut
a strip off black streamer the length
around the lantern.
Your next step it to cut a large black circle and a white
circle slightly smaller than the black. Glue the white circle to the middle of
the black circle. Glue the black strip around the center of the lantern. Glue
the black and white circles to the middle of the lantern.


To make the poke stops I cut a large circle out of card
board. Then I painted the card board blue and printed the poke stop symbol. I
then cut out the poke stop symbol and glued it to the blue circle. Attach
string to the top of the poke stop and hang from a tree like I did or anything
you like.
To make this like a real like poke stop I had a basket at
the bottom with the empty pokeballs and “raspberry” candy. If you
wanted to add a fun touch you can add a bubble machine.

DIY Pikachu Balloons : MyZott


Pokeball Banner : Catch My Party


Pokemon Party Setup : Brenda Bird




In order to okay the kids had to go around and spin the
poke stop. After they spun they could grab three pokeballs or raspberries.

From there they had to throw their pokeballs at Pokémon I had placed around the park to catch. They had to keep coming back to get more pokeballs to imitate the app.

Another fun part of the party is we created Pokecandy using sixlets. I printed off the names of the Pokémon and taped them to Chinese boxes which I also had for the kids to gather their Pokémon in. On top of all of this we of course had a cake topped with extra Pokémon figurines.
Pokeball Cupcakes : Brenda Bird


Strawberry and Berry Pokeball Cake : Sendomatic
Pikachu Peeps : Catch My Party


Pokeball Candy Bowl : Catch My Party


Pikachu Cups : BLovelyEvents


Pokémon Snack Tray : Catch My Party


Pokémon Macaroons : Yelp
It’s a beautiful day when my creative passions can genuinely bring joy to my family. Happy birthday my big boy. And stop growing! I was lucky enough to have KC Photo and Film come and make this adorable video we can cherish forever of the party. She really is amazing and if you are in need of a videographer you should check her out.
Feel free to comment with questions. And as always thanks for stopping by and reading.

Ultimate Pokémon Party