Autumn is arguably the most beautiful season with its golden trees and chill sweater weather. Here are 15 ways to learn and play in fall.

One reason I have fallen in love with the area we live in is because of the seasons here. I mean, look at these leaves!! This time of year the sky becomes golden with the turning tree tops. And the floor is covered in a quilt of colors. I grew up in Las Vegas. Frankly, there is two types of weather there : hot and slightly cold. So living in Utah has been a fun adjustment.
Having four children we take walks all the time. During one of our fall walks we had so much fun stopping and playing with the world. One thing we did is we practiced patterns since my kindergartener is learning them. So I wanted to share some fun ideas to do with the kids.

We’ve been enjoying this season getting out our jackets and plaid. Nora and I got new plaid dresses even for the season. Noras dress is from The Baby Cubby store who has a huge selection of children’s clothing and accessories.The Baby Cubby has clothing, baby goods, and tons of toys too. So if you are looking for some toys to play with on cold days when leaf chasing isn’t an option you should swing by and see the unique toys they have. We even got these fun suction cup toys from them called Squigz. Really their store is a great place to stock up this fall and I”ll be hitting them up for Christmas presents too. You can go to their website for more info or check them out on social media as well.

Here are 15 ways to learn and play in fall:

1. On cold days make hot chocolate, soup, and play with a novel toy like our new Squigz from Baby Cubby
2. Go to local pumpkin patches
3. Play in corn mazes
4. Go on a leaf hunt for colors or make patterns like red leaf, yellow leaf, orange leaf, etc.
5. Take a drive in the mountains
7. Rent fall books from the library
8. Rake leaves and jump in the pile. Bury each other. Throw leaves.
9. Go to the farmers market and look for unique squash
10. Buy a candy apple
Some of these ideas I found online and thought they were really unique and fun. I also love the opportunity to learn and play in nature. My kids enjoy it so much more than flashcards or homework. So for my sons homework we counted leaves, talked about patterns, and had a leaf fight. Totally learning right?  Have a beautiful fall.