There’s a place near our home just south past the city. We drive past fields of horses and hay to get there. My children know this place. They notice as the congestion of the city turns to wide spaces and enthusiastically say, “We are almost here.” For years we have done this drive from the city to the outskirts where McBride raspberry patch is. My children run into the rows as we arrive and pluck fresh raspberries from their branches, Even Nora knows which ones to pick. She quickly learned that pink raspberries mean sour.

We were able to get our family photos done here a few years back but in case you’re in northern Utah and looking for a place to take the kids in the late summer I thought I would tell you about one of our absolute favorite summer detonations. McBride’s Briar Patch is located in Mapleton, Utah just 15 minutes south of Provo. The berry patch is at a residential location so you will drive past farm land and homes to get here.

McBrides Briar Patch Address

What are their hours?

The Briar Patch is open this summer Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 8am until dusk. But before you head out be sure to check their facebook page for updates and give their phone number a call because sometimes they get out picked, have bad weather, or cancel certain days.

McBrides Briar Patch Phone Number

(801) 367-0755

How much are the raspberries?

Usually they are around $3 a pound though you may want to ask beforehand as prices may change.

What can you expect at the briar patch?

Going to McBrides is a great experience for all ages. My children love coming and ask all through summer. This is our sixth year picking  and now my kids are better pickers than me!  When you visit you will be greeted with happy faces willing to get you started. They will give you buckets to tie around your waist while picking. They also have a cooler or water. If you have any questions you can ask away. The owners of the patch are very helpful and friendly. They will tell you to pick away and take a little taste as you go. So don’t be stressed about the kids eating along the way.
 The briar patch carriers various berries though their flagship is their raspberries. After picking be sure to ask if they have any produce. they do have a small garden and occasionally sell surplus. I’ve got some of the best Spanish Roja Garlic from here for a reasonable price. Adjacent to the patch is a farm on the north side of the briar patch with rams and goats that the kids enjoy. When you have picked as much as you would like you can head back to the front where they will weigh your fruit. Bring containers to take home your berries. Check out and be sure to cut a few fresh flowers out by the front on your way out too. Overall you’re getting delicious local raspberries for a good price, the experience of picking them, livestock fun, fresh produce, and fresh flowers. McBrides is always our favorite!!
P.S. The berry patch serves as a lovely place to take family photos. Because we love this place to much we took our family photos here a couple years back. The talented Brittany Walker from MLadyPhotography  took our photo here. So if you are interested in a fun spot to shoot at I recommend it. Check it out and happy picking.