Today we explored the unique rock formations of Goblin Valley, Utah! This was our first visit so I thought I’d share our adventure and some tips we learned. I’ve written all the amazing places to see when you travel to Goblin Valley and Green River, Utah. Here’s what to expect when exploring Goblin Valley, Utah.

I share lots of details below but some general details are that the park is open from 6:00am-10:00pm. One vehicle passes are $15.00 and are good until 10:00pm the next day. So essentially the passes are two day passes. Camping is only $30.00 and includes the two day pass! There is also a couple yurts you can rent as well. Just plan ahead because they fill quick!


Fun Things in Green River, Utah

When we visited Goblin Valley we stayed in Green River, Utah. This is a good alternative to staying in Goblin Valley because the camp grounds can get full. We stayed at the Green River KOA.


koa.com1780 E Main St, Green River, UT 84525

They have a pool, pickleball courts, playground, and dog park. They have hook ups for an RV, cabins, and camp sites as well with firepits. We enjoyed staying there and would easily go back. There are other hotels as well if you would like a more traditional route. While there we ate at Chow Hound which has some fun items on their menus and a good breakfast sandwiches.

Some other fun things to see if you spend a little time in Green River on your way to Goblin Valley is the art installations. There are two really fun art installations you can drive to. Another fun thing to do in Green River, Utah is to bring toys, four wheelers, and side by sides to go offroading. We found some cool hills along airport road. Some locals told us also of Crystal Geyser which is a legit geyser you can go to. You can also go swimming at various places. Swaseys Beach is just one of the places you can go swimming and play on the beach.

Where is Goblin Valley

Goblin Valley is located in south east Utah, USA. Traveling takes you through highways, canyons, old western landscapes, mesas, and more. To get to Goblin Valley you only have to drive a little over three hours away from Salt Lake, Utah. You will also want to consider if it is a holiday weekend as traffic through the canyon can build up (we are currently sitting in traffic on our way home.)

Weather in Goblin Valley

If you plan to go to Goblin Valley you may want to consider the weather and time of year. The valley can reach very high temperatures so be prepared with lots of water. Because of the dessert climate expect dry weather. There is also a lot of sand and very little coverage from the sun. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are a good idea.

Kids in Goblin Valley

We brought our six kids with us to Goblin Valley and they did great. There are no stroller trails so plan accordingly. But you may be able to get away with a utility trailer. For our infant we brought a hiking backpack like this one. Our two year old walked most of the areas and we carried him as well. Our older children loved climbing hoodoos and exploring.

What to Wear

As mentioned above, the weather can be dry and hot. Check the weather forecast of your trip. Have your kids wear proper footwear with hats and sunscreen. Also dress for dirt; the area has a lot of sand.

What to do in Goblin Valley

You can see the sights of Goblin Valley in one day or spread it out by camping either onsite or at the nearby city, Green River. Plan ahead as campsites or the Yurts go fast. We were there for a day and were able to see all the sights we wanted. Here’s some of sights we explored.

Valley of the Goblins

This is the main area with free-wandering hiking. In this area there are thousands of “hoodoos”. This area is the classic Goblin Valley photos with the large rock structures littered along the way. You can climb or explore the huge area. There are a couple hills to climb above to see the view.

Walking to the opposite side of the parking lot you can find some hidden trails. Without kids my husband and I were able to walk to the back walk in less than 15 minutes. You could spend hours exploring all the hoodoos and this area.

Star Gazing

The closest city to Goblin Valley is over 10 miles away so there is little light pollution which makes for great star gazing. You can camp or stay late as the park closes at 10:00pm.

Slot Canyon Exploring

Along the campsites are loads of slot canyons. We explored between the hours when some campsites were vacant. And our boys enjoyed climbing up the sides.

Curtis Bench Trail

This is trial is along a hill side and is great for kids. We went during spring and there was loads of springtime flowers along this trial.

Frisbee Golf Course

There’s a pretty killer frisbee golf course along the landscaping. It follows along little canyons and hills so while you can do it with kids, expect to drive around and hike a bit to each of the frisbee golf locations.

Aside from these activities there are some four wheeling and off-roading trails right before the entrance to Goblin Valley. There is also three more trails that were marked more strenuous so we decided to opt out of the trails with small children.

There is a roundup of our trip to Goblin Valley. If you want more fun travel posts be sure to check out my posts below about Moab, road trips with kids, and more. Happy travels.

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