A while ago I discovered a really cool option for printing called engineer prints. These prints are printed black and white, large, and really affordable. Because of this I have created many projects using engineer prints. Keep reading to learn how to print engineer prints.

I have created several projects using engineer prints. They’re big prints for low cost. How low? I usually print mine at Staples and they are all under $10 depending on the size. The downsides of them is they are not high quality. But for parties or projects they’re perfect!! I found this amazing article that shares more examples and tons of awesome ideas of ways to use engineer prints.

My favorite prints I’ve created are this large stump print found here or my spring table runner. How did I print a table runner for $3. I’d be happy to tell you. In fact I have put together a step by step guide to print large engineer prints. It’s so easy it’s just 4 steps. So let’s get started.

  1. SELECT YOUR FILE(S) First you will need to select the file you would like print. I have a ton of free printables here if you need an idea.
  2. SELECT A PLACE TO PRINT There are a handful of places you can print engineer prints. Staples, FedEx Office, and Parabo Press all do engineer prints. Staples is my go to place. You can also check you local print shop.
  3. UPLOAD OR EMAIL THE FILE Depending on where you print you will either upload the file through the site or email your printer directly. Most printers want a PDF file.

  4. Last is go to the printer and pick it up! Or if you had it shipped you’re already done.

That’s it! there are so many fun projects you can do with engineer prints. If you have any other questions leave a comment below. And happy creating!

canary jane