Read through some of the easiest and best gifts for mom. These ideas are things every mom can appreciate. Trust me.


MOMMAS NEED PRESENTS TOO! - What moms really want for Christmas
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Because of how amazing mothers are I am just gonna say it, “Mommas need presents too!” I know finances can be tight. And I commend all of you mothers out there. Really, I think you all are amazing. But I want you to really think about yourself for a second. You deserve it.
Mothers need to take time for themselves. They need to recharge. And during Christmas, you should feel special. Some of you may be reading this thinking that you feel special when you give up something for your children. And I believe you. But, if any bit of you hopes you might open a present may I suggest a few ways you or your husband can treat you for Christmas. Just leave this post open on your desktop to send a subtle hint. Seriously, just leave this up right about here with the list showing. That’s what I’m going to do. No joke.
  1. SLEEP – Let’s be real, we’re tired. Most of us haven’t slept a whole nights sleep for years or at least it feels that way. See? I’m so sleep deprived I don’t know if it’s been days or years. Ask for a nap or to sleep in. Or just a night with no interruptions.
  2. DINNER – Have the hubby make you a Christmas dinner. Take a break. Or ask for dinner for a week. You deserve it.
  3. TIME ALONE – Ok. I have a confession. Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom just so I can get time alone. I know, it’s sad. But really, if you feel any bit the same way have your husband watch the kids while you window shop, get a pedicure, or even just hang out alone in another room.
  4. A LOOONNG BATH – I’ve decided my bath and shower time is my time at the spa. Or at least it feels that way sometimes. Grab a bunch of candles and blast some Norah Jones or Shania Twain. Bring your favorite snack treat and enjoy bathing without any interruptions.
  5. MASSAGE – Ok, I cannot express how wonderful a professional massage is. That being said I have been blessed with a husband who has magic hands. So if you’re husband is good at massage that alone can give you a Merry Christmas in my opinion.
  6. LIST OF HOW AMAZING WE ARE – My love language is words of affirmation. So print this printable and write on the back a list of how amazing I am would be thrilling. Guys, I’m easy to please.
  7. FAVORITE TREAT – I love chocolate, maybe you don’t. But you like something else. So ask for whatever that is king sized for Christmas. My favorite would be my own pint of Ben and Jerrys Phish Food.
  8. A NEW OUTFIT – Just the thought of getting a new outfit head to toe is thrilling for me. And I get new clothing fairly often because of work. I know new clothes isn’t always the most pleasant experience so get shoes or a makeover at the makeup counters at a department store.
  9. MONEY – Even $25 to do whatever you want with is exciting in my opinion.
  10. SOMETHING WE’VE WANTED – This year I had a hard time between a new coat and snowshoes. We’ll see what I end up with.
Looking at this list I’ve noticed the reoccurring theme that most of these things are basic needs like food or sleep or clothing. It’s kind of ridiculous. We’re doing an amazing job and deserve to feel special during this season. Your hubby could do all of from the list or a handful and I think it would make a great Christmas present. So no matter the budget you mommas should feel special.
If you are stumped on what to ask for or happen to be a hubby looking for ideas here are some items are perfect for mothers out there.
MOMMAS NEED PRESENTS TOO! - What moms really want for Christmas

So now that I’ve give you ideas and even shared some fun things to get this Christmas let yourself get a little something this season you deserve it!  And If you would like to read my post about making time for mothers you can click it here. Merry Christmas you beautiful mommas out there!