During our seasons in life we sometimes are in a position to serve other or are in need of service. Whatever seasons you are in hopefully this holiday seasons we can filled with light and joy. I’ve created a little reminder of ways we can serve others below.

Earlier this year I was at a spiritually-focused conference featuring speakers with uplifting
messages. Towards the end, one speaker opened the floor for questions. A friend of mine raised her hand and said, “It’s really weird, but at this moment in my life everything is in order. My family is secure financially. No one is sick. My marriage is good. I have no problems. What do I do from here?”

At first, hearing this question, I honestly felt resentful. This year has been littered with trials and hard moments like my miscarriage earlier this summer, the burden of supporting my family, and being a mother while my husband changes careers. But, as I thought of how hard my own life is, I was flooded with thoughts of all those who had rallied to serve me this year.
I went up to the friend who had asked “What do I do from here?” and I explained that many people–like myself–are in need of help and she is in the perfect place to make a difference. If you are wondering what to do next, the answer is serve.

Sometimes we are in positions of prosperity and the waves of life are calm. Other times, the storms do rage. One truth I have learned is that life is not equally fair. One person may experience more or less happiness than another. For those who are not suffering, whose lives are in order, now is time to serve. You are so needed.

I simply cannot name everyone who has served my family. Many have prayed for me. Many have sent words of love and encouragement. Many have given gifts, dinners, money, and babysitting. People I’ve only met a handful of times have have done so much for my little family and I couldn’t feel more grateful.
The people who have been watching my children without charge while I work have changed my life. Without them, I would either have to work more hours–losing precious moments with my young children, or lose clients, leaving me unable to provide for my family. Their service has allowed my husband to be trained in a skill he can enjoy. This has already changed our marriage and our family.
With December just a couple days away, I can do nothing but be thankful for service. The LDS church has come up with a really beautiful campaign this holiday season called #LighttheWorld. They have put together a small thought about Jesus for every day in December and coordinated it with ideas of ways to serve.
Writing this, I am filled with enthusiasm for this campaign. I know I will not be able to do this everyday and you don’t have to. But, if you are looking for a special way to celebrate the season and our Savior I think you’ll enjoy looking into the prompts and ideas for service. You can find more information about the days and the Light the World campaign here.
I’ve also created some free printables for you to use this holiday season. You can print this Christmas countup that gives simple ways to serve and corresponds with the Light The World Campaign. Also later this week I’ll have coloring pages and a nativity.

Here’s how to make the countup. What you will need is:

Heavy duty scissors or pliers
Four small paint sticks (painted white is optional)
Magnets (the stronger the better. Round ones are my favorite)
Hot Glue gun
Thick Twine
Printed Countup printed here

  1. First you will want to measure your paint sticks starting at the straight end. There is an end that has a dip. You want to cut off the dip end. Cut the paint sticks 10 inches from the straight end.

2. Get four magnets for one end. Find out which two magnets attract. These two will create the clasp for one side. Do the same for each side placing two on each paint stick, one per side.

3.  Once you have glued the magnets glue some ties thick twine to the top as pictured.

 4. Place the countdown between the opposing magnets.

 5. Hang! The magents work as a clasp for the paper. You can use this after the holiday season for displaying kids art or reminders. Plus, it also sticks to your fridge.

And you’ve done it!

I love Christmas time when I can focus on Christ’s life. And as I was creating this countdown I was filled with so much joy. I know small efforts make a difference. We make a difference. Feel free to head over to Mormon.Org to see more suggestions of ways to serve. And if you have a blog post sharing wyas you plan on serving this December feel free to link it up below. Much love.


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