Here’s a little note I wrote the other day. No free printable or crafty tip today, just a good solid rant about the joys of pregnancy.
“Dear Body,
I am officially past my first trimester. I’ve done my time. Can I have a little break now?
See, I understood at the beginning the aches in new places. I get the occasional aches and pains all throughout my abdomen. I mean, come on, there’s a prune sized baby somewhere in there. I get it. And the soreness up top, have you forgotten I have other children who jump all over me all the time. “Oooouucccuch”
I understood the mood swings. I had had those before. Those weren’t new. Like wanting to snuggle with my husband and then punch him in the face within the same minute. Yup, we both expected it. And if my husband ever forgot, don’t worry, I was happy to remind him of the fact that I am making a HUMAN! And he quickly remembered. All is good there.

For the first three months, when you’re working the hardest, I understand that there are lots of changes. I even anticipated the nausea. My doctor knew it might happen without me even mentioning it. But my favorite moments, my most favorite, were the craving for a burger across the city to finally drive and get said burger and decide after one bite and be done.
Oh, body I get it. You’re making a little human. So I wasn’t too alarmed either when my stomach started having these mini earthquakes aka according to google, a Uterus Spasm! Well, that was a new one body. But it’s all good. The internet reassured me they’re normal.
I totally want to say thanks to you body. I’m not trying to be ungrateful. I understand I have it better than most. I have yet to be hospitalized from dehydration like a handful of my friends. But really, pizza and burritos for cravings?! It’s like you picked the two most unhealthy things and said, “Yes, that piece of pure empty carbs, dairy, and processed meat will be glorious. And let’s throw in the occasional heart burn with it too! Yes, yes!”

But, we’re on this road and there’s no turning back now. And I was hoping you could help make this a little easier for the next handful of months. It is hard to do this.

And I just don’t have time to nap twice in a day. Even my two year old doesn’t nap that much. Sleeping for 12 hours is kinda a crazy demand. I know, I know, you’re a making a human. An actual living breathing human someday. Mad props body! You rock!
But, please, can we do something for all of this. I’m done laying in bed all day. Being hungry for all the food in the world and none of it at the same time is the ultimate torture. I can take the frequent trips to the bathroom, the breakouts, and even upcoming stretch marks. But can we please function like a semi-normal human being for just a little bit. Please?!

I know, I really shouldn’t complain. You’ve been a sport so far. It’s not like this is round one, or two, three, or four. I get it. You hate me. I should have known you were done on the last baby with the early false labor and hankering for fish sticks. And I am grateful for you body. Really! I am grateful that we’ve done this together as many times as we have. So seriously body, “thank you”.

Yah you know, Yourself.”

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