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Growing up I always had cats. But over the years I forgot how to take care of a cat. So with our new cat, Gigi, Here are some tips I’ve learned in the last few months as I’ve been a cat owner.
My husband and I were organizing our carport and kept hearing this little meow. My husband has never been really fond of cats so he kept denying that he heard the meows. Finally I insisted that the kitty sounds were coming from under some boxes and we started moving them. In a window well under some boxes we found Gigi. When we took her to the vet they estimated she was around six weeks old. And since it was two weeks before Christmas we decided she was our early Christmas present. 

Since we have kept her we have had to make some adjustment and we’ve learned a few things along the way. So here are some of the tips I’ve learned.
1. Set boundaries and teach your cat as soon as you can. We decided we would never let the cat on our kitchen table. So we have trained her now to jump on the table.
2. Get your cat immunized and potentially spayed. Weather or not your cat will be outside it’s always good to get their shots up to date. And you will need to decide whether or not to get your animal spayed. We got ours spayed and immunized at Best Friends who is a no kill sanctuary for homeless pets. This is where we have gone so I was able to donate $100 to them to support them. When we got Gigi spayed it was only $10! And I know they are able to provide such low cost services because of donations so I am happy to have been able to donate to them.
3. Get some toys for your cat. Especially if your cat is a kitten you will need to get some cat toys for it to play with. Our cat was very playful so we have balls with bells in it, toys that are sticks with strings dangling down. We also have the classic laser pointer. Instead of your cat using your leg to play with (ouch) a toy is a much better option, Trust me.
4. Get a good litter system. This one has been a tough one because I don’t like the litter to be plain and in sight. And a couple other options we have used end up everywhere in the bathroom. I recently found the litter Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze available only at Sams Club and really appreciate the litter has the “odor controlling” power of Febreze. The liter also has a convenient handle for pouring which I love.

 I love my cat but don’t love the smell of a litter box. Thanksfully the litter has a lemon-grass scent and includes Borate Technology for superior ammonia control. If you want to try this litter there’s a coupon in the May Instant Savings Book – $3.50 off at Sam’s Club from 5/11-6/5. This is already loaded onto your card and their is a sign in the store.

Also what we ended up using was a decorative box and small pan so our cat can’t kick out any of the granuals. Here’s how we made ours.

1. Buy a medium to large sized decorative box, industrial plastic, and plastic dishwashing box. 
2. Take the plastic and roll out enough to cover the whole inside with the plastic pushed down.
3. Staple the plastic to the inside sides tucking it.
4. Places the box inside and fill with litter.

 I’ve seen a couple other litter box ideas here.


5.  Remember cats are not dogs and are more independent. This means they will want time alone. 

6. Giving cats milk is not the best idea. Milk isn’t the best choice for cats even though cartoons often show that. Water is great. 
7. Expect scratching. The first two months my arms and legs looked like I had been in accident. This goes along with training, but your kitten may not have learned when is the best time to use her claws. Whether or not you have a kitten you will still need to be aware of the scratching for your and your furnitures well being. Get scratching posts, nails clipped, or nail caps if needed.
8.  Give your cat a safe place. Cats are independent and like to hide sometimes. My children will often chase our cat so we made safe place in our room she can go to cat nap or just be alone. You can buy little beds too. Our cat has enjoyed her bed and this way her fur is not on our blankets.
9. Buy a grooming brush because your cat will shed. Gigi ended up not being long hairded but still sheds. So I have a grooming brush that I use and it helps get the long hair out. 
10. Be educated on what you can feed your animal and save the treats for training. Try not to give you cat treats all the time but save them as rewards for good behavior like learning to use the litter box, catching a mouse (Gigi’s caught 7!), or using her post. 
So there’s the tips I’ve learned so far with Gigi. Hasn’t she got so big?! Take lots of photos cause cats grow fast. Let me know if you have any other tips. And have the best day.