As part of the church I attend we are assigned women in the neighborhood or our “ward boundary” that we are to pray, care, and visit on a monthly basis. When I am able to sit in another woman’s home for the sole purpose of taking care of her I feel my Saviors love and I believe there is power is stepping outside your own world. Because of this I love this program, Visiting Teaching
Every month we are given a suggested topic about Christ to share to our sisters. I thought it would be neat, going into this year to be able to make a printable for every month. I will be taking quotes from the lessons and posting them here. 

For this month we are to teach about the family. I love this because it is through them that I have learned the greatest lessons of love, selflessness, charity, forgiveness, empathy, patience, and forgiveness. I believe that families are central and an important part our Gods plan. I can not tell you how many times I have felt humbled as a parent and wonder how God can have so much love and patience for me. 
For January the theme is about the Family Proclamation, which is a statement given by one of our former leaders or Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley about how important the family is. you can read the full message here
After reading the message the message of guidance stood out to me. The Proclamation was given to us to guide us in our family relationships. One quote from the lesson says, “When I try to improve myself according to the proclamation, I can experience real happiness.” Take a look at the proclamation this month and see what sticks out to you. 
I love how it says, “THE FAMILY is ordained of God.” For the reasons I mentioned above and more I believe having, being in, and serving as a family is essential to becoming a better person and for this reason I am so grateful to be apart of a family.
Here’s the printable handout I made for the January Visiting Teaching Message. You an print it here to give to your sisters or just for your own home of course.

 I love so here are some ideas from them:
I hope this was helpful for this month. Let me know what you did this month and your favorite place to get inspiration for Visiting Teaching (other than Happy teaching friends.