I remember us arriving on Randy road with the fog from the beach hovering over the cul-de-sac lit by the street lights. Half asleep, we would wander in and find my Nana had the house lit up with Christmas toys and bowls of candy. She had an automated Mr and Mrs Claus that would love and sing. And her german spinning nativity is in my thoughts every Christmas. Wide eyed we would wander in and eat cereal. Nana would then turn on Christmas music and blast it in the house no matter the hour. Going to Nana and Papas was always magical for Christmas.
  Gathered as a family twelve years ago we received the call that my Aunt Lisa had unexpectedly passed while packing to meet us. She was only 32 and left three very small children including a five month old baby. My mother had only one sibling, my Aunt. My father did not have any sisters. Because of this we all had a very strong bond with Lisa which made the loss very hard for my whole family.
We cried as a family and Christmas was very different that year. It has been different every year. I remember someone sharing the symbolism of the poinsettia and its colors and Christ. Since then i have prayed for peace and understanding in Gods plan. 
I think of her life now and smile. I am so grateful for her presence in my life. I’m grateful for your positive example in my life. And even though I feel sadness around this time I find joy and peace knowing that she will live again. During this season I choose to celebrate Christ’s life. He is worth celebrating. He is my Savior and King.
Leaning on my testimony of Christ has lifted me during my sadness I’ve felt with the passing of my Aunt. I believe in Christ. I believe in the peace He can bring. I have felt this peace when sadness has caused my body to shake and my chest has felt empty. At those times I have dropped to my knees and have plead for help and relief. And He has delivered me.
This is what I celebrate. I celebrate the birth of my Savior. I celebrate that a Savior is born! 
Whatever reason you celebrate I wish you the Merriest Christmas filled with love. Last night we were dropping off neighbor gifts and my oldest, Tyson was helping run gifts up to the homes. At one home in particular He stopped and visited with our friendly neighbor. When we got back in the car he said, “I feel it Momma. I feel the Christmas spirit.” I hope your day is filled with this same spirit. Merry Christmas.
The photos for this post was taken by Cecilia Harvard
My dress is from Lluvio Boutique
My watch is from Arvo.
My bag is from Humble Hilo.
Noras shirt is from Penny and Tillie
And our matching floral crowns are from Golden Garden.

A Savior Is Born