All of my children are super active. They climb on
everything. Couches. Trees. Cars. Rocks. Each other. heir energy is a constant
source beyond me. And most of time I try to see the potential and channel that
energy. So we are an active and creative family.
If you’ve followed me on Instagram you know. We are
constantly hiking, walking, and exploring. I have a large drawer for the kids
in our home that has craft supplies for whenever they feel like creating. And
when it’s cold out we frequent museums, play places, and trampoline filled
warehouses. When the weather drops below freezing in January we build blanket
forts and have those rubber bouncing balls with handles to bounce around on.
Frequently we have dance parties in our house. We are active and always moving
and creating.
So I’m always on the lookout for toys that let my children
jump, play, and create. I’m so excited to introduce you today to Seedling, a
toy company that fits so well for my active energetic exploring kids. They sell
toys that allow children to make creative choices and learn. So my kids have
loved their toys.
One of my favorite toys that we played with was the “Be
the Master of Your Own Solar System.” We made this solar system for a
family night and sat down together. The first question was, “Do we make
the actual solar system or our own?” The kids all agreed that we should
make our own made up one. It was really fun to let each of the kids play with
clay and planets making their own. Tyson even put a face on one of his. We
decided it was our own McLean solar system.

Another night we decided to go on a fall hike. We brought
along our “Create your own hang glider.” The hang glider launches
with  rubber band and the boys had a
blast taking him to the top of the mountains and launching him down. I loved it
because they were all worn out by the end haha!
A super fun toy we loved is the take along cameras. Nora
especially has enjoyed carrying hers around and seeing the world a little different
view. The boys kept looking at each other and saying, “You have ten
eyes!” Lol!
Today we are out of town and have been driving for hours.
Thankfully I had some modeling clay with me and while I’ve been busy setting up
for a wedding the kids have been making awesome clay creations.
So if you’re looking for some different toys for your active
kids this Christmas I have to recommend Seedling Toys. For my children on the
go they have been so perfect. You can even get 25% off using the code
“CANARYJANE”. And with Black Friday rolling around I hope you all are
having good luck getting presents figured out. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check out these great shops!
My orange dress from Hot Commodesty
My bag from Humble Hilo
 Overalls from Ivy City Co
 Noras Shoes from Mon Petit Shoes
 Noras jacket from Potato Bug
 Hat from Little Sunhat
 Necklace from Louloulolliepop Finery
Satchel form Mamoo Kids 
All Toys from Seedling

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