For my husbands birthday I threw him an Office themed party complete with hilarious decor, games, and food. Read through all the details and grab the free printable decor at the end of the post.

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Office Game Party Ideas

For the games we did a cheese ball toss from when Michael, Pam, and Ryan leave Dunder Mifflin to create the Michael Scott Paper Company. To play everyone lined up with a partner balloon toss style in a line. Then they took turns throwing cheese balls into their mouths. The first round was the first three teams to get one cheese ball in a partners mouth. The second round was to see who get a cheese ball in both partners mouth. The last round was one person laid on the floor and the other stood over them and they had to get a cheese ball in both mouths.

We also had to do a sumo wrestling competition. I rented sumo suits in honor of the Beach Day episode of the office. I believe it’s from season three if you want to brush up on form. It was hilarious to watch. And I full see why Andy got stuck floating in the lake. It’s hard to keep your balance in those.

Food Ideas

For the food we had a full themed spread complete with pretzels, cheese balls, swedish fish. The pretzel bar was in honor of Pretzel Day. (See the printables below that coordinate) We had a huge spread of toppings like chocolate chips, nuts, candy bits, frosting, sprinkles, Oreo bits, Carmel, chocolate, and more.

Other foods we had was Swedish fish in honor of Andy’s name for Jim, tuna. We had jello for the Jim Dwight jello prank, and chili.

Decor Ideas

For decor I totally embraces the party idea when Dwight and Jim were the party planning committe. I did gold and black balloons blown up to the size of the palm of your hands. 🙂 and if you go below you can print out the “It is your birthday.” sign.

Free Printable The Office Party Decor

Print these for free here below. If you share pictures of your party tag me.


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