The LDS Mormon General Conference is coming up soon. And like most parents, you’re thinking of how to keep the kids engaged. Well look no further. Momma and crafty creative here to share how I keep my six kids engaged and enjoying conference. I have super fun General Conference games, attention grabbers and activity ideas for your kids to do during the talks. I also have coloring pages and activity pages as well. Ready, lets go!

Before we get to the fun, I think its important to mention that every family treats conference differently. I know some families who dress up and watch at the church. And I know families who watch after and use that weekend to travel. In this post I will share ideas. And some may or may not work for your family and children. I am a firm believer that we should receiver revelation for our own families and fins what works best to ultimately bring us closer to Jesus Christ.

LDS General Conference Games

Check out these TALKING BAGS where kids get to open each bag when they hear a topic being talked about. They only get to open one bag per talk. Here are the topics and what activities go inside the bag. Get the free printable tags here.

Battle /War (army men) – Inside this bag is army men. The kids can recreate the battle or war that is being discussed in the talk. For example if it is the war in heaven they can have Satan and his followers preparing to battle Jesus and those who chose Gods plan.

Temples ( playdough) – When a talk is talking about the temple the kids can open the “temple” bag which has play dough in it. The kids then get to create their own temple.

Seer/Prophet (magnifying glass or flashlights) – When a speaker talks about a prophet the kids can open this bag. Inside they can use the magnifying glass to decode the code. They can sing the “code” if they want too.

Feel/Give (massagers) – When a speaker is talking about service or giving the kids get to open this bag. Then everyone can take turns getting massages while the talk finishes. Hopefully your kids will be willing to give a massage to mommy. You’re welcome, haha.

Scriptures (tissue) – this one is a little silly. But my 13 year old came up with it and I thought it was clever. When they talk about scriptures the kids get their own personal tissue package. These can be nice for school aged children. But even small children can keep them by their bedside. I feel like my kids always need to blow their nose at bedtime. Hello boogers. Haha! You can talk about the how tissues are like the scriptures. We use them when we are in need or not feeling right. And how it helps to use them often.

Light/ happy (flashlights, glowsticks, or happy stickers) – Kids get to open the light and happy bag when a speaker is talking about these topics. The kids can draw pictures and use their stickers. Or you can discuss with the kids how light and darkness are like Jesus and Satan.

LDS General Conference Activities

Watch your testimony grow with these grow animals. Get the tag in the printable bundle here.

Check out the Jesus Jar where the kids will be able to put pom poms in the jar every time they hear the words “Jesus” “Christ” they can put a pom pom in the jar. When the jar gets to the top they get a treat like ice cream.

General Authority Tracker – the kids will track the general authority and officer and mark who talks. Every time there is five in a row they get a treat.

General Conference Food Labels – when the kids hear a word they get to have a treat from the labeled bowl. See the full post and get the Printables here.

LDS General Conference Free Printables

Ultimate General Conference Bundle – This includes coloring pages, activity pages, and general conference prep pages. This has over 20 different pages!

I have illustrated quotes form many of the pat conferences. Feel free to see and download them all here.

Have a wonderful and uplifting conference my friends. If you have a fun tradition to add feel free to post it in the comments below.


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