As you may know, in May I hosted my Adventure Playdate event. It was incredible. We put together crafts, played awesome games, and ate yummy treats.

For those who weren’t able to attend, I wanted to share with you the steps to create the simple DIY macramé hanging planter we helped kids make at the end of the event. Macramé can look scary, but you’re just tying four knots that will form a “hammock” for your planter to sit in. You probably even already have all the supplies at home. So take a deep breath and get your knot-tying fingers ready!





A “pot,” we used a 3 ounce plastic cup.

Yarn or string




Decorate your pot using a sharpie. You can also get creative and use stickers, gems or whatever else you can find.

Take your string and cut four pieces each about a foot in length.

Knot the four pieces together toward one of the ends.

Split the string so that you have two pieces on each side, tie a knot in both so that if your pot was sitting on the first knot the second two knots would be in the middle of your pot.

Take a string from each of your two sections and knot them together, this will make a diamond shape. Repeat with the remaining two strings.

Place your pot into the macramé and adjust the knots if desired.

Tie one last knot to the top using all four strands to make hanging easier.

When your macramé is complete, fill your pot with soil, seeds, and water. Hang where it can get light and watch your little seeds sprout.

Though this craft’s steps may look challenging, once you get used to tying strings so your knots alternate, you’ll be a macramé master! Good luck with your creating!