I’ve loaded this post with all you need to set your patriotic party on fire! Ok, not literally but yeah you get the idea. This post has links to buy all the supplies you need to make your red, white, and blue party sparkle with games and decor! Then follow the simple DIY steps to making the firecracker centerpieces and ring toss.  And snag the free American Hero printables to color. These ideas are so fun and the firecracker ring toss is under $10 to make! Check it out!

fourth of july party

The Firework Fourth of July Party

For the party the concept is firecrackers and sparkle so I used an assortment of goods to make the party patriotic. For the buntings , stars and stripes bunting, and fans I found these at oriental trading. I also used these star wire garlands.  You can get them here Beistle 50651-RSB Gleam ‘N Flex Star Garland, 25-Feet, Red/Silver/Blue. For the table I used these blue and white table runners. I decorated the table with red and white carnations and daisies and star shaped candles you can get here, Patriotic Star Shaped Tea Light / Candle Holders ~ Red, Blue and Clear (Set of 6) and the DIY firecracker centerpieces which you can find below.

For the activities I found this really fun presidential bingo game from Oriental Trading here.  We also played firecracker ring toss and the kids were able to each make their own American hero paper dolls. And I gave all the kids glow sticks. The tutorials and printables are down below. We also had cracker jacks at our party, cause what’s more American?

Keep reading for the free printables and DIY instructions. But first here’s some party pictures.

fourth of july party fourth of july party

Firecracker Centerpiece



  1. Spray paint the empty container white.
  2. Once dry cover the outside of the cylinder with your choice of tape.
  3. Poke a hole in the top of the container with a craft knife or scissors.
  4. Poke through a piece of the wire garland through the hole and curly it around your fingers to shape it.
  5. Repeat a few times to give the appearance of a firework.

fourth of july party

fourth of july party

Firecracker Ring Toss



  1. Cut the Pool noodles in thirds. The smaller pieces seemed to look better on the dowels. I also liked the look of having each noodle or firecracker a different length.
  2. Place something down to spray-paint, I like to use a tarp.
  3. Spray paint the noodles the colors you have chosen. You will need multiple coats. Let each coat dry 15 minutes between each one.
  4. Plug in or turn on your hot glue gun to warm up.
  5. Trace with the pencil a circle using a plate on the thin cutting mat.
  6. Cut out the circle. Next cut a slit from one edge to the center.
  7. Overlap part of the circle you cut to the other side to form a cone and secure generously with hot glue. Be careful, it’s hot!
  8. Wrap the pool noodle in painters tape, washi tape, or I even hot glued stars from the wire garland on one. You can also buy stickers.
  9. Hot glue the cone to the top of the noodle. Be generous.  Let dry.
  10. Feed the dowel through the middle of the noodle. You can secure it or let gravity hold it down.
  11. Cut some pieces of the wire star garland and push them into the opposite end of the noodle creating the appearance of a firework exploding.
  12. Carefully shove the dowel into the ground. you may want to take the noodle portion of your firework off for this.
  13. To form the rings you can take some of the wire star garland and shape them into large rings.

And you’re all done.

American Heroes Free Printables


1. Click the file you would like to print.
2. Once the larger version has opened, right click the image.
3. Click the “save file” option.
4. Open the file on your computer under the file you saved it as, and click”print”.

American Heros Free Printable American Heros Free Printable

So there you have it! All the info and goodies to celebrate with a “BANG!”. I’m sorry, I can’t get enough of the puns. Have a happy Fourth of July friends! If you’re looking for any other patriotic crafts or printables feel free to print these president masks. And here is the link for the Ribbon Flag DIY with patriotic paper doll printables. 

american hero free printable american hero free printable