How to Let Your Light Shine

Last week I was able to speak at the Be You Women’s Retreat about how to let your light shine. We all have a unique light to shine so I wanted to share my message here along with the slides and worksheet I used. Here is my presentation and slides. WHO ARE YOU? Who are you? Right now, this second, do you know who you are? Where did you come from? So much of where we’ve been shapes who we are now. The trails and hardships we’ve overcome shape our light that we can share today. At the conference I shared my miscarriage stories that you can find here and here. Through my miscarriages I learned a lot. I learned that I am strong, that it’s ok for me to be weak, that it’s ok to let others help you, and the value of tribe. Where do you want to go? Think of what your life will look like in five years. How about 10 years? Knowing where we want to go helps us know where to focus out energy and light. Describe yourself in five words. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What lights your fire? We can’t start … Continue reading How to Let Your Light Shine