31 Painted Pumpkins

For every day in October I have decided on a fun unsponsored creative exercise, I am painting a pumpkin. I’ve been calling this exercise or project on social media #31paintedpumpkins.  Every day in October I am literally painting on a pumpkin. And from there, styling and creatively photographing these pumpkins. Some look like everyday items like popcorn while others are patterns. But they all are hand painted and crafted. When I thought of this idea I wrote down loads of ideas. And for the first few days completing my daily requirement was easy. But as the days went on I was undecided which ideas to act on and move forward with. Thankfully there are 31 days to paint my pumpkins.  Here are my pumpkins so far in order. I will be updating this post throughout the month. Feel free to stop by and check in or comment with your requests. On Instagram, someone suggested a pug, world, or pie. So be on the lookout for these pugkins coming your way. So see if you can spot the pumpkins in every picture.  -Natashia DAY 1 – BAD KITTY – For this first one I wanted to grab attention and also have … Continue reading 31 Painted Pumpkins