The Best Breastfeeding & Lactation Tips

(Photos in this post are by Charly Hill Photography. This post also contains some affiliate links. Proceeds from these links help Canary Jane keep being awesome.) As a mother of five, I’ve had my share of breastfeeding experiences. Some were really hard and took patience. And many experiences for me have been beautiful to which I attribute this to the fact that I have had so much support through having my babies. Family, friends, and neighborhood women have been by my side to help when this exhausted mamma couldn’t go any further. They’ve been there for every phone call. And I couldn’t be more grateful for the tribe of women I have around me. I know that sometimes it’s hard to have such a tribe. And breastfeeding can hard. So I’ve put together my favorite resources (other than my mom haha) to hopefully help any whether you’re already a seasoned breastfeeding goddess or just preparing for the day. And while I know a bit about breastfeeding, I know I am not a trained lactation expert. So thankfully I’ve partnered with Lactation Link (created by a trained lactation expert and nurse) to bring you some great info about breastfeeding. Bottom line, … Continue reading The Best Breastfeeding & Lactation Tips