How to Make a Kid Friendly Garden

Summer is the best time of year for our children. They’re enjoying a well-earned break from school, the long sunny days and cool summer evenings, spending time with family, friends and just enjoying being kids! With the countdown to the summer break well and on, many of us will be looking forward to spending time in our gardens and outdoor spaces. But how can you make sure your garden is perfectly family friendly? Your kid-friendly garden can be so much more than just grass and a few flower beds – for more interesting plants and trees to grow in your garden, check out this website – here we’ll look at ways you can really up your garden game and make it the heart of your best summer yet. Just because your children are having a break from school, doesn’t mean that their learning journey has to stop for six weeks. You can give your child’s schooling a little bit of a boost in a number of fun, easy ways. Read on for ideas on how to make a kid-friendly garden.  How to Make a Kid-Friendly Garden Bug hunts and hotels: Why not pick up a few mini magnifying glasses and go … Continue reading How to Make a Kid Friendly Garden