$1 Face Vase DIY + Free Printable Card

I’ve seen these Face Vase planters all over the place and I’ve always thought they were super fun with the simple face and plant as hair. So I decided instead of dropping $10+ a vase I could make my own. I used these as teacher appreciation gifts but you could use them for mothers day, grandmas birthday, or just a day you celebrate a female, holla! So since I used them as a gift, I designed a cute floral card to go with it. So read through my super simple tutorial on how to make a Face Vase for a $1! Face Vase DIY Supplies for the Face Vase: plain white ceramic mug or vase that has a simple shape from the dollar store black sharpie (optional) pink or red sharpie (optional) DIY gift card printable – found at the bottom of the post Fillings can be cut flowers, small flowers or succulents. TIP: Did you know Walmart has a clearance section in Walmart? I’ve found some potted flowers for 75 cents there! How to make a Face Vase: Make sure your mug is clean and remove the sticker at the bottom. Have your child sign the bottom of the … Continue reading $1 Face Vase DIY + Free Printable Card