Read through how to make your own DIY skeleton family using simple supplies. I’m always looking for fun ways to make decorations on a budget. So I had this idea while walking through the dollar store to make a skeleton family. And I decided to make my family. So I grabbed those skeletons and got to work. Make this craft using fun supplies and any old buttons lying around. Feel free to customize your skeletons to your personality. I would read through the instructions on how to make each outfit piece before purchasing your supplies. Here’s how to do it. DIY Skeleton Family skeletons (You can find these at the dollar store too) spray paint (optional) hot glue gun hot glue sticks scissors needle-nose pliers for making glasses (optional) fabric (Feel free to use leftover remnants of fabric) buttons, brads, and other embellishments felt for hats or stiff fabric paper clip for glasses (optional) 1. Spray paint the skeletons if you would like them to be a different color. I spray painted mine white. Let dry. (TIP: I use a tarp to put under items when I spray paint) 2. Plug in your hot glue gun. Be careful. 3. From there … Continue reading DIY SKELETON FAMILY