Unique Anniversary & Date Ideas

Read through these fun and unique date ideas to plan your perfect day. These ideas are great too for anniversary ideas. I like to do varied activities for our anniversaries and take advantage of local deals. I often look for something we haven’t done yet or deals on Groupon. Also, some of these options are great for a tight budget and if you have kids. And look below for some fun date, wedding, and family gifts. Happy reading. I hope as you look over this list you find the perfect activity. FUN AND UNIQUE DATE IDEAS Create a romantic playlist that may even feature songs from your relationship. Get dressed up, light candles around your living room, and play the playlist while you dance the night away. This is a great and simple option to do after kids bedtime and on a tight budget. Go hang gliding or skydiving. Go on a picnic, play Frisbee or catch, feed ducks, go for a walk and talk about your life together. Simple and easy option. Go bowling. For each strike you can do the partner has to give you a 5 min massage after. Have a spa night indoors. Light candles and dim the lights throughout the … Continue reading Unique Anniversary & Date Ideas