Make Your Own DIY “Dad Game” Fathers Day Gift

Welcome to the Dad Game, your very own free printable based game for your favorite Papa! This is a simple custom board game you can make with your kids for Fathers day! And the best part if your kids get to help create the game. Get the free printables below and how the simple instructions. This game cost me less than $3 to make. So grab some dice, foam boards (I purchased mine at the Dollar Store) and lets make this simple craft. My children are obsessed with Legos so they used figured from these two sets as their playing figures. And even placed their weapons and helmets along the paths for the figures to pick up if they landed on the spaces. The Legos are optional but it was fun to let me kids customize the game to our families interest. Once you have put together the game using the instructions below let the kids decorate it and make it custom. That Daddy will love it! Here’s how to make it. Father’s Day Free Printable Bundle WHAT YOU NEED: White Foam Board Duct Tape Ruler Pencil Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker Gold Scissors (So you can feel fancy while you … Continue reading Make Your Own DIY “Dad Game” Fathers Day Gift