Recovery After Miscarriage & Progesterone

An update on the aftermath of a miscarriages and sharing what we learned about progesterone deficiency to help others who may be struggling with primary/secondary infertility. If you or someone you know is struggling this may be a triggering post as I share many raw emotions. But if you suspect progesterone deficiency I hope to be able to answer questions and offer hope and love. Last year was a crazy ride. My husband quit his job to go back to school and I took on the role of breadwinner blogging and doing freelance work. Man, I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder in my life. In fact most of the last year is a crazy blur. But the two uncommon miscarriages shook my world, one at 16 weeks and another was a blighted ovum. This is my story of recovery, finding out answers to the cause of my miscarriages and peace. We had been lucky to have four healthy babies before this so with one miscarriage the medical world wasn’t too concerned. After all, the rate for miscarriage means that one in five pregnancies, at least, will not carry to full term. And after our first miscarriage as hard as it was, we … Continue reading Recovery After Miscarriage & Progesterone