2017 General Conference Free Printables

I love general conference because there are always a bunch of really inspiring messages. I remember when Thomas S. Monson was called as prophet. I was sitting in my one bedroom apartment distracted by food or something else when I had the impression to look up. And that moment they sustained President Monson and I lifted my arm. As I sustained the Prophet from my living room I felt a strong confirmation of the spirit in his calling and have sustained him ever since. I love that we have prophets on the Earth today and that we can come to conference prayerfully seeking our own personal revelation. I also love that there are so many different speakers because it gives a chance to speak to many different types of talk. Not every talk jumps out at me, and when a talk doesn’t speak to me I know that often it is meant for someone else. So I’ve rounded up some great quotes from conference and made many of them into FREE printables perfect for sacrament coloring, church lessons, FHE lessons, home and visiting teaching. Here are the free printables and quotes. “Come as you are but don’t plan on staying as you are.” … Continue reading 2017 General Conference Free Printables