DIY Floral Embroidered Shoes

Check out how I made these DIY floral embroidered shoes that look just like these designer Gucci shoes here. These are faux-embroidered shoes so you won’t need any special sewing machines. All you’ll need are a few supplies and a little time to paint. Check out the tutorial below as well my reasons for picking this design. When Famous Footwear emailed me asking to create a piece using one of their shoes for their #stepforward series I was thrilled. For the first five years of motherhood, I had quit my job and was a stay at home mother. I loved this time in my life. My love for motherhood grew into my heart and soul. But what I didn’t realize is that during this time I was creatively starving. I redecorated my house probably over 100 times and did elaborate birthday parties before the dawn of Pinterest. When I started blogging and drawing it felt as if I had found a piece of me, as if I bloomed. I remember going to my first creative conference and talking to people, who like me, had spent their whole life creating. They craved it, just like me. These were my people. This is who … Continue reading DIY Floral Embroidered Shoes