Presidents Day Craft & Facts for Kids

I’ve created printable Presidents Day masks for the family so kids can learn more about why we celebrate Presidents Day. I hope these can also be good resources for teachers in the classroom. I knew my kids would all be home for Presidents Day. I knew they’d sleep in and probably get in some screen time. But as a day off I wanted to teach them why they were home from school and hopefully share a bit of a patriotic spirit. I’ve included five different presidents mask with a few facts if you are looking for a way to teach your kids about the Presidents of the United States.   Abraham Lincoln Born: February 12, 1809 Wife: Mary Todd Honest Abe is most well known because he was the president during the civil war and helped end slavery. But Abraham Lincoln didn’t always succeed. He tried to win a spot in the Illinois General Assembly and lost. As a lawyer he lost multiple cases. In a whole Abraham Lincoln lost five elections before becoming president.  He didn’t come from a wealthy home and had many different jobs. He even is the only president to hold a patent.  We can learn from Abraham Lincoln … Continue reading Presidents Day Craft & Facts for Kids