How To Make Money as a Creative

Read through how to make money as a creative weather through sponsorship or licensing. Here are some clues as how you can be successful. Artist, designer, writer, marketer, whatever way you create, here are ways to make money that you may not have thought of. I’ve been supporting my family of six for the last year from my creative business. It’s been more work than I have ever done in my life.  But it has been so validating to make money doing what I love. Here are tons of different revenue streams you may or may not have considered. Wait hold up, that’s right, I support my family of six on my income. How? Well, I have this blog as well as monetize my Instagram. I also do social media consulting and have several clients in the last year. I also get paid to organize events within my niche. I own an Etsy shop and sell there. And in addition I published a coloring book a year ago and receive passive income from this. Through my business I have had experience in other areas mentioned below but these are the main ways I make money. So onto the list of how to make … Continue reading How To Make Money as a Creative