7 Ways to Add Personality to Your Home

Here are seven ways to add personality to your home. I noticed that my home was missing some character so I’ve added a few touches to my home that were so simple and easy so I thought I would share them with you today. Also my kids are always drawing photos for me. So I’ve included a really simple DIY coloring page holder as well. All of these ideas have added comfort and personality to my home.   1. MAKE CHILDRENS DRAWINGS INTO DISPLAYS- My children are often coloring and creating. They bring me drawings from school or they make some at home. I usually take a photo on my phone and throw it away. But I came up with this idea of a way to display the kids art in a fun way that can be switched out easily.  You take a thick ribbon you can purchase at the dollar store, Walmart, or a craft store and cut it the length of the door plus a couple of inches. Take the top of the ribbon and staple it to the top of the door. Then take clothes pins and you can clip the artwork to the door. You can … Continue reading 7 Ways to Add Personality to Your Home