THANKFUL FOR PEOPLE (thankful heart series)

I have a confession to make. Being around others can be really draining for me. Often after an event I feel so drained and my mind spins with social anxiety. I second guess other remarks and regret my own, “Why did I say that?”  But tonight I write about how thankful I am for people and relationships. This morning I opened up to a friend about a blog project. I shared some personal thoughts and felt safe telling her my enthusiasm about the project only to find out that later tonight she decided to write her own blog post about the very topic I had shared with her. I sat and stared at my phone. My hands kind of twitched. My mind ran all over the place and I thought of every singe reason she would write about the very topic I had messaged her earlier that day. I felt really confused and I couldn’t stop thinking about this as my husband walked into the room. “I need to bounce something off of you.” I asked and then proceeded to spill my thoughts and frustration. My friend had seen my message but not even responded. It just didn’t make any sense. My husband listened to … Continue reading THANKFUL FOR PEOPLE (thankful heart series)