Keep Mom Happy

We wipe boogers and bums, drive kids everywhere, cook, clean and all that’s in between. Being a mother is really a beautiful calling, but let’s be real, it’s pretty exhausting and stressful too. After having my first I realized that when I take time for myself I’m just a better mother. You know the saying, “Happy wife, happy life”? Today I say, “Happy mom, keeping calm”   Taking care of myself could not be more important in my life than right now. I’ve been supporting my family while my husband has been in school. And on top of it I have to mommy. My three year old runs around the house demanding Frozen and throwing random toys on the ground while I try to work from home during the day. And when my three older children get home from school I have to help them with homework, clean, and make dinner. I think the reason why most of us mothers struggle with finding time for ourselves is being a mother is such a selfless unstructured job. As a mother often I feel apart of my children. When they cry I scoop them up and try to hug away their sadness. When my … Continue reading Keep Mom Happy