Ultimate Pokemon Party

With the Pokémon craze back in full swing I couldn’t help but create a life-sized Pokémon Go game for my son, Tysons, ninth birthday. The party was complete with pokestops, pokeballs, and of course… Pokémon!In case your child loves just plain old Pokémon I’ve shared some ideas I rounded up online for cakes, décor, and games. Basically if you want a Pokémon or Pokémon Go Party I’ve got you covered.   INVITESFor the invites I created this free printable you are welcome to use. If you would like to see more of my free printables and invites click here. https://www.brendabirddesigns.com/modern-pokemon-party/https://www.brendabirddesigns.com/modern-pokemon-party/ IncredibleThings Lets Print a Party Catch My Party Cutesty Craft Brenda Bird DECOR For the party I decided I would make life sized poke stops and poke balls. The poke balls are made from circular or round vending machine balls which you can find here. I chose these because they open!  To make the pokeballs simply undo half of the vending machine capsules. My kids were good helped for this. Then lay the half you want to spray paint red or white down with the round side facing up. If you’d like to add a fun touch you can take washitape or electrical tape and wrap it … Continue reading Ultimate Pokemon Party