2016 General Conference Free Printables

Listening to genreal conference always lifts me. It may not be in every talk or even one full talk. But I feel the spirit at some point when I listen and I know God knows my concerns and loves me. I have found that when I draw or take notes while listening I usually remember more. So I applied this to conference and drew these free printables for anyone to print off and use personally.   I hope you and your family can use these to remember what was said or the messages that reached out to you. I feel privileged to be able to be unified with a church world-wide to listen to inspired messengers.   Feel free to use these for Family Home Evening, Sunday activities, primary, youth, or even Sunday school classes. I’ve included a few prompts as suggestions of ways to make them into lessons as I will be doing with my family. I hope your family enjoys them.   I am sharing these for personal use or at church. Do not share or publish without written consent.   To listen or read the full talks you can head here.   HE LISTENS I made this … Continue reading 2016 General Conference Free Printables