Looking for a simple way to make a Pokémon costume? Check out these simple DIY Pokémon costumes that will hopefully get your wheels turning. Since I’m a 90’s child and all, I kinda love that my kids are playing with Pokémon now. I totally was the geeky Pokémon collecting middle school kiddo that begged my mom to buy those clear plastic card holders from the store for my limited edition holographic nine tails. I was obsessed with them and had a pretty awesome collection including a series of cards written Japanese that I was proud of. So for the last few years my kids have really been into Pokémon, especially my oldest. In fact for the last couple of years they have banned Pokémon cards from their classes because the kids trade and play so much. I’m sure this drive the teachers crazy. I think it’s pretty cool. So there you have it. Of course this year my kids decided they wanted to be Pokémon. And if you know me you know I don’t want to spend $25 a costume and with the Pokémon craze I am pretty sure you can’t find Pikachu costumes for less. And this being said I … Continue reading EASY DIY POKEMON COSTUMES