Free Blogging Help + Resources

So you’ve kinda got this blogging thing down? You’re getting business and getting busy? Here are a list of useful services, most free, that can help cut down your time on the back end. At the end of the post I share my experience with hiring an assistant and intern.       There are sooo many resources out there to help you with blogging. I’d love to hear and add your favorites. Here are some of my tried and true resources. And if you aren’t sure about blogging be sure to check out these other posts:   Blogging 101 Instagram Marketing Instagram Hashtag Guide         Blog Help 1. – Check your grammar 2. Key Word Searches – Another way to find ideas for your blog titles isusing keyword services. Google keywords is the most popular. These services usuallycharge a fee. Word stream gives you 30 free searches before it charges if youever want to see topics most searched for your title or are looking for topsearched variations for blog post ideas. 3. Ahalogy- Web analytics and deeper look into your site for insight. 4. Mail chimp – For sending emails from your newsletter 5. WordPress … Continue reading Free Blogging Help + Resources