A story of how I doubted and learned the power of faith. I learned this through this through this experience of having my phone and wallet stolen.Though it is hard to accept the hard moments in life. We can keep moving forward and there is always another day.  As I reached into the back stroller pocket at the checkout line I froze. My wallet – gone. My phone – gone.  I knew after picking up the kids from school we might stop by the local grocery store for a few groceries. And as I had walked into the store I had seen my pink phone case sitting comfortably in the pocket of my stroller. So I knew when they were gone at the checkout line they were not on me anymore. In a frantic panic I told the checkout lady that I would be right back, ordered my children to stay still, and frantically ran around the store scanning the ground for any sign of my wallet and phone in hopes they would appear.  But they did not and my heart sank. With my husband in school and a mortgage to pay a new phone wasn’t really realistic. And guys, … Continue reading HAVING FAITH IN HARD MOMENTS