Print your very own Provo Temple Coloring Page or check out the print in my Etys Shop. Since I graduated from high school I didn’t play violin too much. But when my local stake (which is a boundary that forms congregations) had openings for their stake orchestra Christmas concert I practically ran to the sign up. See, I had loved playing my violin in an orchestra setting. And it had been years so I was thrilled to have a reason to get out my violin.  Well the Christmas concert came and we were able to perform in the Provo Tabernacle. It isn’t a secret that I live in Provo. But since I wasn’t raised in Provo, I had never had the chance to go inside. Well when I walked in for a rehearsal my jaw dropped. The inside of the tabernacle was full of wood carved features and my favorite was the one large room with the organ. You can see photos and read about the history of this place here and here. Beautiful, eh? Thankfully the next year I was again able to play for the Christmas concert inside the tabernacle. Well, the following Friday after our Stake Christmas … Continue reading PROVO CITY CENTER PRINT