Winter Activities for Kids + Free Printable Puppets

Read through a list of fun winter activities for kids below. Find awesome fun ideas to keep yourself sane this winter and print and make these fun animal popsicle stick puppets for free. Here are some fun animal Popsicle stick puppets you can print on cardstock and let the kids color. They’re simple to do, you just cut and paste. Bam! ACTIVITIES TO DO WITH THE KIDS INDOORS TO GET THROUGH WINTER           1. Buy new books just for winter time so they are novel. We love our BabyLit books because they’re educational and based off of classical literature! They’re also super sturdy, which we love!   2. Take turns on a mini-trampoline.   3. Have a mini-dance party. And play the freeze-when-the-music stops game.   4. Make play-doh.   5. Make a masking tap race track.   6. Go to a play place and let the kids play.   7. Go to an indoor swimming complex.   8. Make a fort. Then watch a movie, get out flashlights, or read books. You can even do some smores.   9. Since the sun goes down earlier, have a glow stick party. Turn on that music again … Continue reading Winter Activities for Kids + Free Printable Puppets