Free Printable New Years Goals Sheet

Two days left of 2015 and I can’t stop thinking about what this next year will bring for me and my family. This last year has really been a big one, especially for me and my professional life. I can hardly believe how much I’ve grown this year! January of this year I wasn’t illustrating and didn’t know half of what I know now. One of the huge turning points for me was attending Alt Summit in January. It was there that I was prompted to chase my dreams, and catch them. Then May of this year I launched my Etsy Shop and started my own blog, this blog. I could not have imagined what would happen this year for me. I attended Alt Summit (a design conference), spoke at Pinners Conference, and published my first coloring book! I cannot even begin to say how exciting and awesome it has been, And I can not even tell you how any late nights I’ve had and hard work I’ve put into getting to where I am right now. What excited me the most is that I am at the beginning of my career and this next year should be really awesome! … Continue reading Free Printable New Years Goals Sheet